Kate & Nick

Venue:  Blackbird Restaurant & Bar     /     Flowers:  Northside Flower Market     /     Fudge:  Homemade by the Mother of the Bride!

Holy Maltesers Batman! Brisbane Lolly Buffet was the second star at our wedding (after the bride, of course!). We had a photo booth, live band, cocktails and so many other things but nothing generated a crowd or conversation like that table full of sweets. At one stage I remember looking over to see people five deep around it!
While my partner was super keen to get the buffet, I'll admit that I initially was unsure. I wasn't sure how it would be received and I also remember thinking that I could do it cheaper myself. I'm so glad that we went with Brisbane Lolly Buffet instead. For the amount of work that Susie put into our display, the design flair (colour matching to our wedding theme, etc) and the sheer quantity of lollies we got, I COULD NOT have done this myself. Plus, we got to keep the leftovers. I'm pretty sure we ate nothing both Allens raspberries and pineapples on our honeymoon :)
FYI the lollies are all 'brand name' and there's literally hundreds to choose from. With some of the more popular ones, we also got 'spares' with which to refill the jars halfway through the night, which we stored under the table. We didn't run out, AND that was with people eating them all night plus taking them home as party favours as well. This was by far the cheapest and most popular service we used at our reception. I can't recommend Brisbane Lolly Buffets enough. - Nick

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