DIY Hire


Looking to create your own lolly buffet but can’t find everything you need?  Our DIY option is for you!  Everything we have is available for hire (subject to availability).  We can help you with:
•  Jars  •  Risers & Props  •  Bulk Lollies & Chocolates
•  Tongs & Scoops  •  Frames & Signs  •  Vases
•  Trestle Tables  •  Stands  •  Table Cloths & Runners
•  Lolly Boxes & Bags  •  Labels & Personalised Tags
If you need a helping hand with some ideas, BLB are happy to offer guidance at no extra cost.
Our DIY hire requires a minimum hire fee of $50 plus a $200 bond, which is refundable upon the return of all items in original condition as loaned.  You are welcome to either collect from us or have your items delivered.  A delivery fee may apply, dependent on location and/or total amount spent.  Return time will be organised during booking.
To request a copy of the DIY Hire Listing, please complete & submit event information on the contact page.